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How to Use our Travel Budget Calculator

Last Updated 20 Jan. 2024 | Morocco Roamer

travel budget calculator

Today, you are going to learn how to use our free travel budget calculator.

As you may already know, planning a trip is very important. And having a travel budget calculator is crucial for several reasons:

  • Avoiding Financial Stress
  • A travel budget calculator helps you make the most of your resources
  • Peace of mind during your journey

Travel budget calculator: key features and how it simplifies the budgeting process

Our free travel budget calculator is designed to make your trip planning a breeze. Here are some key features that set it apart and simplify the budgeting process:

1) User-Friendly Interface:

Our intuitive interface ensures that even if you’re new to budgeting, you can navigate and utilize the tool effortlessly.

2) Comprehensive Expenses Categories:

We’ve thoughtfully included a wide range of expenses categories, from transportation and lodging to food and activities, so you won’t miss a single detail in your budget.

3) Visual Charts and Graphs:

Get a clear visual representation of your budget with easy-to-read charts and graphs. Visualizing your spending patterns can empower you to make informed decisions.

How To use this Travel Budget Calculator : Video Tutorial

Watch this video for a step-by-step visual guide :

Download your copy (It’s totally FREE)

Here is the example data we used in the video:

Sample Travel Budget for a 3-Day Trip to Morocco:

Transportation :

  • Flights :  300$
  • Taxi withing the city : 15$
  • Miscellaneous transportation: $10

Lodging : Hotel or Riad : 75$ per night. Total for 3 nights = 225$


  • Breakfast at a local café : 15$
  • Lunch at a mid-range restaurant: $75
  • Dinner at a traditional Moroccan restaurant: $75


  • Entrance to historical sites (e.g., Bahia Palace, Saadian Tombs in Marrakech): $10 – $20
  • Optional guided tour of the Medina: $20

Souvenirs and gifts : 20$

Keep in Mind :

These are just an examples of expenses, and actual costs can vary based on individual preferences, travel style, and specific choices made during the trip. Always check current prices and plan accordingly.